Thursday, 24 November 2022

Not just me

I´m not the only one with problems...I just popped down to pick up a delivery from reception (three kilos of dog food so Toby won´t starve while I´m away!) when I saw a massive fridge/freezer by the lift on the ground floor and several people hovering.

Apparently a resident here bought this large appliance without thinking to check the dimensions to make sure it would fit in the lift. It doesn´t! The solution appears to be to remove the lift door, which will involve calling out the authorized technician and a certain amount of disruption and expense. I´m glad it is not my problem.

After I got back with the dog food I was thinking about this and I wondered whether they have checked to see if the fridge will fit through the apartment door. Imagine if they went to all the trouble to take the lift door off, etc and discover they can´t get it in the apartment. Surely someone has thought of this? 

I´m half-tempted to go down and ask, but don´t want to come across as an interfering busybody. Whatever happens they will have to get it sorted soon, It is late morning here now and mid-afternoon Brazil will be playing it´s first game in the World Cup - at which point the entire country will come to a stop, even Government offices are closing early.



  1. We're all on the same boat; we all have problems, we all make mistakes, we all take bad decisions. We are human.

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