Sunday 21 January 2024

Glass half full


I guess you could call me an optimist. I´m due for cataract surgery next week on my only functioning eye and I´ve just downloaded twenty-five books to my Kindle!

Photo by Harry Quan at Unsplash

Thursday 11 January 2024

The last ball


Sadly this is my very last aniseed ball. I bought a kilo of them when I went to England last Christmas and have been eking them out over the year but all good things come to an end. I´ll have to wait for my next visit home to get another supply but even in England they are hard to find now.

Sunday 31 December 2023

Happy New Year!


Best wishes to all for 2024. Much health, happiness, wisdom and peace of mind.

Photo by Anastasiia Rozumna at Unsplash

Wednesday 27 December 2023


I hope everyone had a nice Christmas with family, friends, food and fun. Mine was lovely although by Boxing Day I was shattered! I lay down for a quick forty winks before dinner and woke up the next morning!

So, I have been rather absent from blogging lately, nothing´s wrong but my blogging mojo seems to have gone walkabout. I can´t think of anything interesting to say and don´t want to churn out any old thing just for the sake of it - rather like those school essays on What I did in my holidays which were of no interest to anyone except the writer.

So, I´m still here, still reading and commenting on other blogs and no doubt I´ll have something to post from time to time. I´m saying this because I hate it when a blog I´m following suddenly ceases, leaving me wondering what has happened to the writer. After following someone, sometimes for years, they feel like friends and it is concerning when they disappear.

I would like to wish everyone a happy New Year and let us hope that 2024 brings some sort of peace and relief worldwide for the dreadful things that have happened and are still happening.

Sunday 17 December 2023

A "Senior Moment"

This morning I was organising my bag when I realised my debit card was not in its little wallet. I had a quick look for it in the most obvious places whilst trying to remember the last time I had used it. I don´t always carry it, only when I'm actually going to use the card as muggings are unfortunately only too common here.

I remembered that the last time I´d used it was a couple of days previously when I went out for a pizza with some friends. Had I lost it there after paying the bill, dropped it, left it on the counter? I logged into my bank account and found the last transaction with my card was for the pizza...what a relief! I´d either lost it in the restaurant or it was somewhere in the flat since no-one appeared to be trying to use it to buy luxury items. I decided to return to the restaurant if I couldn´t find the card at home, in the hope someone had handed it in (haha).

I slowly and methodically searched the entire flat several times but there was no sign of my card. Had I thrown it out with the rubbish, wrapped it up with the Christmas presents, dropped it on the floor and kicked it under some furniture? The possibilities were endless. 

I was surprised about how calm I felt regarding the whole situation, no sign of panic lol! I´d decided, since there was no sign of it, to go to the bank next day and cancel the card and order a new one. This was all happening on a Sunday, by the way.

On the Saturday I had put up my Christmas decorations and removed a few ornaments, putting them away for the duration in a drawer. Guess what I found sitting in a bowl in the drawer. Yup!

Thursday 7 December 2023

One year ago


One year ago today...there I was sitting in the VIP lounge (courtesy of my daughter!) at the airport, sipping the largest gin tonic I have ever seen... just about to set off for a visit to Portugal and then Christmas in England with the family. Happy days!

Thursday 30 November 2023


I´m beginning to think I shouldn´t be allowed out on my own!

Yesterday I had  hospital appointments for a CAT scan and doctor. This is a six-monthly event and my daughter usually takes me by car but this time she was busy. I went by public transport which means a bus and two underground trains each way. The hospital has several different units and I got off at the station I seemed to remember was the correct one for mine. Wrong! I was about a mile away from my unit and had to try and find my way at a fast walk up some steep streets not to be late.

When I finally got there, dripping with perspiration, I had a long questionnaire to fill in - that´s when I realised I´d forgotten my glasses at home!

Not a fun day but all´s well thank goodness.