Thursday 30 November 2023


I´m beginning to think I shouldn´t be allowed out on my own!

Yesterday I had  hospital appointments for a CAT scan and doctor. This is a six-monthly event and my daughter usually takes me by car but this time she was busy. I went by public transport which means a bus and two underground trains each way. The hospital has several different units and I got off at the station I seemed to remember was the correct one for mine. Wrong! I was about a mile away from my unit and had to try and find my way at a fast walk up some steep streets not to be late.

When I finally got there, dripping with perspiration, I had a long questionnaire to fill in - that´s when I realised I´d forgotten my glasses at home!

Not a fun day but all´s well thank goodness.


  1. Thank goodness you made it. Nobody needs to know but you.... and us lol. Just the sort of mistakes I would make. I've always been like that. I need a nurse maid

    1. I´m not usually that bad, it must be old age lol.