Thursday 10 June 2021

Why blog?

The other day I was wondering why people blog and came to the conclusion there are as many reasons as there are bloggers! Not a brilliant deduction but I´m sure it is true nonetheless. 

In my case I think it is partly the need to 'speak' English. Both my parents were English and my brother and I were born in England. We moved to Brazil when I was a toddler and I grew up here. English was spoken at home and all my schooling was in English following the British education system, so I was brought up a proper little Brit. 

When I eventually married, my husband and I always spoke English to each other but for some strange reason we always spoke to our children in Portuguese. I continue speaking to them and my grandchildren in Portuguese to this day, anything else feels strange. My first husband and I divorced and when my father died about ten years ago there was no one left here I could speak to in English and I must admit I miss it.

I guess one of the reasons I blog is that I enjoy the chance to be able to express myself in my native tongue, although I won´t deny that I also enjoy sharing my thoughts and tidbits from my life.


  1. I regularly ask myself that question Sansthing! Your outlet for your English language is yet another reason.

  2. Well, we all have our different reasons, but let's keep blogging because it is definitely a positive thing in these dark days.