Thursday, 24 June 2021

A little tip

Depending on the Covid situation where you live, this little tip may be useful.

Here the situation is still pretty dire with cases rising again and ICUs overstretched. Masks are compulsory everywhere as is social distancing . Unfortunately Covid fatigue has set in and people are getting careless and less inclined to obey the rules. I have been shouted at more than once for politely asking the person behind me in a queue to please stand a little further away.

So, here is my tip. Whenever you go to the supermarket always use a shopping trolley, the larger the better, even though you may only be going to buy a couple of items. When you get to the queue at the till, you can control the distance between yourself and the person in front of you and if you stand in front of your trolley instead of behind it the person behind you will always be at least a trolley distance away...which is better than them breathing down your neck and avoids any unpleasantness.

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