Friday, 18 June 2021

Cross stitch

I walked over three miles yesterday visiting various shops, trying to find a simple frame for a cross stitch embroidery I am doing. I saw loads of frames of all shapes, sizes and colours, all too fancy for what I need. I guess I´ll have to try again tomorrow, at least I am getting plenty of exercise!

The embroidery is of the name and date of birth of my latest grandchild, due in a few weeks. Obviously the date will have to be added later. I have stitched one for each of my grandchildren as they arrived and it has become something of a tradition. This will be my tenth...

I have always enjoyed doing cross stitch and did several large pictures some years ago. This one took me over a year to do.

This one has so many subtle colour changes it also took me ages. They are both from American patterns which I have always liked best.

After not doing any stitching for quite a few years I find I am struggling a bit now, I guess the old eyesight is getting a bit tired.

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