Monday, 14 June 2021

Motion sickness

YouTube has provided me with hours of viewing pleasure, especially during lockdown. The videos can be instructive, funny, inspiring and interesting, depending on what you choose to watch, there is something for everyone.

Personally I enjoy a wide variety of subjects, from travel and adventure to cooking and handicrafts. One of my bugbears, though, is that some filmmakers wave their camera around so much it makes me feel sea-sick and I have to stop watching something I might otherwise have enjoyed.

An example of this was when I was watching something by a couple who had bought some land in Portugal with a derelict house and were planning on restoring it. This is the kind of thing I like because I have always daydreamed of doing something similar. The video consisted of them walking around showing the land and various rooms in the house. The camera was in constant motion trying to give a view of everything and after a few minutes I actually had to give up as I was getting dizzy and feeling queasy.

I know everybody can´t be a professional filmmaker but it is a shame some potentially good films are spoiled for want of following a few basic rules. I would have thought these mistakes would be picked up in the editing. Anyway, I shouldn´t really complain, after all they are free to watch and there are also some excellent videos which I follow regularly.

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