Wednesday, 16 June 2021

A handsome chap

This is a photo of my father, taken sometime during World War II. I think he was rather handsome, but I may be prejudiced! He must have been about twenty years old.

After he retired his sight started failing and he eventually came to live with me for the last ten years of his life, by which time he could only tell light from dark. He worked in the automotive industry, in England, Portugal and here in Brazil but his real passion was photography and he actually won prizes for some of his photographs. It was such a shame that when he had more time for his hobby he was unable to practice it.


  1. It is sad to look back and regret so much and that is why we should take each day and treasure it. With Tom being ill and all the 'business' that is going on in the world it's even more important.
    I agree, your Dad was a looker.

  2. I agree Briony. He was actually quite bitter about all the things he´d not done. He´d talk a lot about wanting to do this and that, but when push came to shove he never followed it up. I´m glad I didn´t take after him in that regard.

  3. How good that he was able to live with you for the last 10 years. I spent my mother's last years with her although we did not actually live together but I would not have missed those years for the world. I just wish they went on for longer. He looks very handsome in the photograph.

    1. Thank you Rachel, he was 92 when he died.