Sunday, 20 June 2021

Diverse divers

The diver on the far right is my daughter, with a group from Scuba Point. She has dived for years and taken many different courses, qualifying for a variety of specialties, in fact she now works as an instructor from time to time. It is her hobby and her passion. Unfortunately (from my point of view) she enjoys cave diving, a rather dangerous pursuit. Although I know she is experienced and safety procedures are strictly followed, I don´t rest easy when she is away on a cave diving trip.

I actually took a diving course myself some years ago and qualified as an open water diver. I really enjoyed it but it is an expensive hobby and I had other priorities at the time so I didn´t keep it up. The feeling of being able to breathe underwater and swimming amongst sea life is quite surreal. It felt as if I were suddenly playing a part in one of the documentaries I enjoyed watching. Maybe one day I´ll try diving again.

The photo is by Izaias Dias.

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