Saturday, 30 May 2009

Still going strong!

Well, left Fromista today, can`t remember where I am now! Shows what a state you are in at the end of a long hot walk. I`ve found it is too difficult to keep posting regularly, there are always people waiting to use the computer and you don`t get much time. I shall post a proper full account of my trials and tribulations (and triumphs) step by step when I get home, in the meantime it will be just random thoughts and impressions as and when I get the opportunity.

So, one thing that strikes me is the fluctuation in weather and temperature. When I left Burgos a few days ago it was 5C early in the morning. Today I was struggling along under a roasting sun with no shade.

I am using all the things I brought with me, except the 1st aid kit (wow!), so I think my packing list was fairly complete. The only suggestion I would make is that 6 nappy pins aren`t enough, I could do with a few more as I have to wash clothes every day.

One of the great parts of the Camino is getting up in the morning with no idea what the day will bring, where you will eat, sleep, who you will bump into again. We all have routines in our lives and it is strange not to know what is going to happen from one minute to the next, who you will meet and what life stories you will hear. It is truly an international community of friendly people all with same goal.

I appear to have partially tamed The Beast. A fellow pilgrim suggested I try to put the hip belt even higher than I was, practically on my waist, and that seems to have helped. I always understood it should rest lower down, just above the hips, but there you go. I think part of the problem also was posture, and I am trying to walk more upright, which also seems to help. Anything that makes a difference is good. The pain is still there, but nothing like as bad as it was. I also find if I hook my thumbs through the support loops, and (when I`m not using it) carry my stick sideways balanced on my thumbs that helps too. I can only do that when I am alone or on a wide path, though, or else I might skewer a passing pilgrim!

So, I toddle on, day by day, and should reach the halfway mark in a couple more days. In some ways it is going too fast, I think I may have to come back and do some more some day...


  1. You sound to be enoying the freedom of the open road. Looking forward to your next blog

  2. Can't remember where you are??? Brilliant. It brings back memories. Also when you mention not knowing what each new day will bring.
    I know what you mean about finding time to make posts. Don't fret about it. Enjoy your precious time on the Camino.


  3. Thats the best part, not knowing what the day will bring..miss that..