Saturday, 9 May 2009

Last post from Brazil

Today I took my five kilo bag of rice for its last walk - 8km - I wish I´d kept track of how many kms it´s done just for the fun of it. Never mind, I´m just really glad it´s over. I wonder how much difference this training will have made for my Camino? I feel a bit fitter, but not all that much to say I have completed a sixteen week course. I´m hoping that at least my stamina will have improved.

On the home front... the larder is full, the bills are paid and there are enough lists, documents and instructions to cover any eventuality except the outbreak of World War III. My father´s three carers are fully briefed, the only one who doesn´t know what is going on is young Toby. How I wish I could explain to him that I haven´t gone forever. I know I´m going to really miss him.

Now that I have got rid of the rice, I can start trial runs packing my ruck sack to see how everything fits in. I´ve decided to check it in at the airport instead of taking it as hand baggage. This is partly because I think it may be a bit large to be classed as hand baggage, but also because with the new regulations I wouldn´t be able to take scissors, nail clippers, penknife. corkscrew etc on board with me, I´d have to buy them all in Spain, and I´d also have to separate out the shampoo and other liquids. The down side of this is if The Beast goes astray with all my stuff in it I shall be up the creek without a paddle for sure. I can have it wrapped in heavy-duty polythene at the airport, so there shouldn´t be a problem with straps catching on anything and this should help to protect it too. After that I shall just have to cross my fingers and hope it appears at the other end!

So, all being well this should be my last post from Brazil until I get home again beginning of July. The next one will be from "somewhere in Spain". I am excited, nervous, happy, apprehensive and lots more, it is hard to believe the time has finally come.

Buen Camino to all of us about to set off.


  1. Thinking of your on Mother's Day and also wishing you a successful Camino.

    Love and Hugs-L

  2. Many thanks, L, just got back from a six hour Mothers Day lunch! Feeling slightly stupified, may leave my real packing until tomorrow morning. Hope you had a nice Mothers Day too.



  3. That WAS a long Mother's Day lunch and I can see why you want to leave your packing till today morning.

    Went out with the offspring for a Mother's Day dinner :) It was great food.

    Hugs and take care,


  4. Good luck on the Way.

    I just came across your blog accidentally in looking around camino articles...don't even know how I found it.

    If you are going to post on the walk I will follow your journey.

    My wife and i are heading off on the camino Sep/Oct from Australia... we will do what we can and do not have any compulsion that we must walk the whole camino but we will walk as far as our pre loved bodies allow.

    I have a blog at traveloglife.blogspot which is pretty basic now but there may be some poems that you might find some lines or phrases that offer some encouragement.

    After all the books and guides we think that the journey will not be so much about the places we see but the people we meet ...may seem a bit trite saying ,hopefully not...

    My daughter and family recently lived in Sao Paulo so have walked the Ip.. park... really like your country...

    Anyway a ship in the night comment

    blessings and peace for your walk

    Jim Bartlett (Brisbane Aus)

  5. Thanks for your comment Jim, it really is about the people you meet. I am walking at the moment with a lovely couple from Brisbane!