Monday, 25 May 2009

Burgos soon

Well, I`m still going fairly strong, should be in Burgos in a couple of days, about one third of the way. Somehow it seems as if I started walking only a couple of days ago, and other times that I have been walking for months. It is quite strange, and very easy to lose track of the days. Not a good idea when everything is shut on a Sunday and you want to buy some food.

I´m still enjoying my Camino very much, even though I haven´t managed to sort out the back pain. If I stop for about 10 minutes every couple of hours it helps, so that is what I`m doing. I got caught in a heavy thunderstorm yesterday, while walking over a high exposed track in the middle of nowhere. No shelter and lightening flashing overhead every couple of minutes. Not my happiest hour. I must confess I was quite frightened, but just kept going because there was really no other option apart from lying down on the muddy track - and I didn`t feel like doing that as the rain was pouring down.

I did 24km yesterday, which really was my limit. Today I only did about 12 as the next albergue is a further 12km away, and it would mean going up and down three high steep hills. I`d rather face them in the morning when I`m fresh.

Said goodby to some nice friends, Mick, Yvonne and Robin, for the third time today. They are finishing in Burgos and set off at least a day ahead of me. Somehow they kept slowing down and I kept speeding up, so every day or so we would bump into each other again and have another farewell dinner. Last night I was really surprised to see them as I thought they were a couple of days ahead of me but they walked into the small albergue I was staying in while I was lying relaxing on my bunk. A lovely surprise and another last dinner, really the last this time as they caught a bus to Burgos today. I started my first day with them from Roncesvalles. Such is life on the Camino...


  1. you'll love getting to Burgos, great new albergue there. Very brave of you through the thundertorm.Good idea stopping every few hours as well amazing how much better you feel just doing that.Enjoy :)

  2. well done Sandra,sounds like your having a blast,
    can't wait to get into the mix (2 more weeks)

  3. Finally sorted Alex so can now post comments - feel to be there with you as I read your blog wondering whats around the next corner. Pleased that all going well and you are enjoying it.

  4. Hi Sandra, you're doing really well.
    Have you mentioned your back pain to some "seasoned looking" walkers? Perhaps pack could be adjusted (by the way I'd be no help).


  5. Thanks for all your comments, the new albergue in Burgos was nice, Michelle and Cris, but very short on toilets. Bad planning somewhere. Hope you enjoy it as much as I am, Ian, and that it is not too crowded for you. Welcome Pauline, nice to hear from you. Brian, got advice from a seasoned walker, and it has helped a bit.