Wednesday, 6 May 2009

The Countdown continues... now it´s four...

Did my last long walk on Sunday. I went to Ibirapuera Park and managed to put in the required six hours with The Beast. I´m glad that´s over, anyway. This week I haven´t managed to get out once so far, there seem to be so many things to do that there hasn´t been time. I wonder how long the beneficial effects of all this training last? I´d hate to think they have worn off before I even get started! I´m going to try and get out for two hours on Friday and Saturday, and then that is really it.

Sunday, my last day, is Mothers Day here and we are having a family "do" at my daughter´s for all the mums in the family. A nice big noisy lunch that is going to last all day. I know it is going to be lovely, and also an ideal opportunity to say my farewells all at once.

ve had to cart my father off to the dentist this week, his carer is getting married tomorrow and the toilet cistern has sprung a leak. And it´s only Wednesday! Roll on Monday, that´s all I can say.


  1. enjoy your last few days at home,great family pic you are truly blessed
    4 weeks to go before I leave,hoping to pick up some tips if you continue to post.
    Cheering you on in spirit.

  2. Thanks for your comments, Ian. I´m hoping to continue to post, most people seem to be able to manage at least an occasional entry.
    Good luck with your preparations. Did you see my comment on your blog?