Friday, 1 May 2009

Ten days to go...

Lunch last Sunday with my walking pals was very nice, much nonsense was talked and much fun made of the contents of The Beast. One or two of them may decide to do the Camino in the future, I think they are reserving judgement to see if I survive mine first.

I´m on the final countdown now, I can´t believe how fast time has flown since I decided to do the Camino and started my preparations. I shall continue doing two eight km walks followed by one hour´s exercise and stretches next week, but this weekend will be my last twenty km walk. I believe you are supposed to ease up training towards the end, and I am certainly happy to do so. I must confess I´m bored to tears trudging endlessly around the same circuit all the time, I´m sure I know every crack in the pavements around here!

Trying to leave everything properly organized at home is a major undertaking, like planning a military campaign, but I think I can see some light at the end of the tunnel. Thank goodness my daughter Tania is taking over the reins for me, otherwise such a long absence on my part would be out of the question. She is a treasure.

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