Sunday, 3 October 2021

Good news? Not really...

I read in the news today that a large number of countries, including Brazil, are being taken off the red list later in October. Quarantine will no longer be required for fully vaccinated people traveling to the UK from these countries. Hooray, lets break out the champagne...I had been hoping to spend this Christmas with one of my sons in England.

There is just one little problem that hasn´t been mentioned. The UK only accepts vaccinations given in the UK, Europe or the USA. I am fully vaccinated and about to have my booster, okay mine is the Coronavac vaccine which is not accepted but my daughter who has had both Pfizer shots here is also classed as unvaccinated. So anyone vaccinated in a former red country traveling to the UK will still have to go into quarantine. There doesn´t appear to be any logic in this new ruling.


  1. I there any logic to any of it?

  2. I don’t think you have it quite right. It is not where you have been vaccinated it is what vaccine you have had. Your daughter with Pfizer will not have to quarantine.

    1. Thank you for your comment Boris. I am afraid you are are mistaken as not all countries have an approved vaccination programme, this includes Brazil which is not on the list.

      From the site:

      Proof of vaccination

      You must be able to prove that you’ve been fully vaccinated under an approved vaccination programme.

      There are several ways to prove vaccination status:

      the NHS COVID pass if you live in England
      the EU Digital COVID Certificate
      the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vaccination card for US residents
      a vaccine certificate

    2. I stand corrected. My apologies.

    3. No need to apologise Boris, not only are the rules very confusing, but they keep changing!