Wednesday, 22 September 2021

Power cuts

I woke up this morning at six thirty to no electricity. I didn´t know if the problem was just in my flat or a general power cut. Anyway I decided to wait a while and see if it came back as it was rather early to ring the supervisor.

It is amazing how much we take electricity for granted. I had to really stop and think how to heat the milk for my morning coffee, normally I just pop it in the microwave . My stove is gas but uses electricity for ignition...what to do. It took a while for the penny to drop that I could use matches (duh!) and even longer to find some. Mission accomplished I went back to bed with my coffee for a nice read, as I usually do, except that it was not light enough for me to see the page properly as my Kindle screen does not light up. Grumble, grumble.

The lights came on a couple of hours later so it must have been a general power failure. We do get them occasionally but they don´t usually last long. I hope this is not a sign of things to come because our water reservoirs are very low, one is at only 25%, and this affects the power supply. What we need is rain and lots of it. Meanwhile I am getting in a supply of candles and more matches!


  1. I'm fully expecting power cuts here although they say there will be none, I don't believe them and have stocked up on candles and am buying a small camping stove just in case. We have gas cooker but heating is gas powered by electric so we'll face it all if and when it comes.
    I remember in the 70's we had power cuts and it was quite cosy with the candle on.
    Treat yourself to a head torch, you can read with those if the power goes out again,

    1. What a brilliant suggestion, thank you so much Briony I hadn´t thought of a head torch. Since reading is such an important part of my day that really fits the bill.
      I batch cook and freeze most of my meals in individual portions so re-heating them as opposed to cooking isn´t such a problem. My main worry is my freezer supplies spoiling in a prolonged power cut. Heating is not really an issue here, being non-existent!