Monday, 20 September 2021

Out and about

I went shopping at another street market today, thankfully without incident. We have them every Tuesday and Sunday. This one is a bit further from home but still walk-able.

                                                                Before it got too busy.

                                                                        A few bananas!

I took my phone with me in order to take some photos, normally when I am on foot I don´t carry it as muggings for phones are commonplace. They have increased greatly ever since a new bank transfer app enables the mugger to force you to transfer money to them. In the last nine months there have been 160,000 phones stolen in the state of São Paulo alone. 

Going out and about is very necessary for me, not only for practical purposes like shopping but also for my sanity. After being confined for so long with the threat of Covid I need a change of scenery although things seem to be riskier than ever on the streets. I don´t want to hark on about crime but the following news item left me stunned. An armed criminal and partner broke into a house where the family was at dinner and fled with money, jewels and a car. They were subsequently caught and the police discovered the criminal was a convict, out of prison on temporary leave, who was serving thirty years for five murders!

´Nuff said...


  1. Sadly we do not have markets like this where I live in Brighton UK. London has a few and when I've visited I've enjoyed them.
    As for phone theft, it goes on here as well. My grandson who lives in the East End of London has had his grabbed twice.

    1. I enjoy the markets too, the produce is always really fresh. Goodness, I didn´t realize phone theft was so prevalent there as well!