Thursday, 16 September 2021

Bath time

How does he know? Toby does NOT like his bath. What I can´t figure out is how he knows what is about to happen before I have made any preparations whatsoever. He goes to ground under the bathroom unit and I have to ignore him until he thinks it is safe to come out...I won´t force him as he gets too stressed.

He went to ground there yesterday too when the vet made a house call to give him his annual shots, I should have closed the bathroom door before she arrived. She´s smarter than he is, though. She went out again and rang the doorbell so naturally he popped out to see who was there!


  1. We've also always thought 'how do they know?' You can see from his face that he is thinking how can she do this to me and sleep at night. Clever Vet to go out again to fool him!
    Wendy (Wales)

    1. He always sulks for a few hours after a bath!