Monday, 19 July 2021

Freedom Day...

I don´t live in the UK so I suppose really I shouldn´t be commenting on what goes on, but being English and having family there I do have a vested interest. All I really wanted to say is that I wish commonsense would prevail, that people would continue to take sensible precautions regardless of what the government say you can or can´t do. Just because you are allowed to do something doesn´t mean you have to. You don´t have to stop wearing a mask and keeping your distance, or avoiding crowded venues. Commonsense unfortunately seems to be in short supply nowadays.


  1. Don't worry Sansthing, in Waitrose just now everybody was wearing a mask and it was as if the 19th July hadn't arrived there. I didn't wear one but that is my choice. I am happy with social distancing and long may it go on without people invading personal space, another good aspect of Covid measures. Common sense is ok around here but sadly Covid has become political and the nation is divided as it is in everything. There seems to be little way forward when thinking is so divided.

    1. Thanks for the reassurance Rachel, it is nice to get information from someone who is 'on the ground' so to speak. I always wear a mask because it is compulsory here everywhere outside the home, but I think I would wear one anyway even if that weren´t the case. At the same time I think it is very important to respect a person´s choice if they have the option of whether to wear one or not.