Tuesday, 20 July 2021

How many!

I´ve just eaten 8 vegetables for my lunch...just as well I'm vegetarian! I haven´t made this meal for ages, I don´t know why because it is absolutely delicious, as well as simple to make and healthy.

I know, I know, shouldn´t eat in front of the computer but there you go. There´s a bit missing as I´d already started eating when I thought to take a photo.

So, what do we have...potato, broccoli, celery, carrot, cassava, courgettes, green beans and pumpkin, covered in chopped hard-boiled egg and smothered in a cheese sauce. All the veg are steamed together so no mess and no fuss. I actually forgot to add mushrooms and peas but since I feel stuffed it is just as well.


  1. My kind of meal, it looks lovely. I eat every meal in front of the computer, it's a ritual here.

    1. Thank you Ilona. I sacrificed my dining table for a pottery workbench so I either have to eat on my lap or the computer desk.