Monday, 12 July 2021

Not so quiet anymore

The above photo is the view from my bedroom window, two fields for five a side football and there is actually a third field out of shot. There have been no games played for about a year but now that the Covid 19 rules are easing they have started again. The matches go on until about midnight and the players are very vocal which means it is difficult to get to sleep some nights. Arguments among them are frequent and their language "would make a sailor blush" as Professor Higgins famously said in 'My Fair Lady'.

I wouldn´t wish for lockdown to return but it did have its positive side.


  1. I am just watching on Netflix Elize Matsunaga a real crime documentary about a woman in Sao Paulo who murdered her husband. It is very good if you haven't already seen it. I guess it is pretty famous story in Brazil.

    1. Thanks for the suggestion Rachel, I´ll have a look for it. I remember the case as it was pretty awful and in the headlines for quite a while. That has reminded me of a case that happened when I was in my teens, where I actually knew some of the people involved. I´ll write a post about it.