Friday, 20 August 2021

Pan bashing

At about ten o'clock tonight they started banging on saucepans with lids, spoons or whatever, standing at open windows or on balconies all around the neighborhood. The sound was very loud and clear. It is a form of protest against the president, especially when he is making a broadcast or being interviewed on TV. The loud noise carries and is indicative of the country´s mood as it happens nationwide, not just here. I don´t know what the specific reason was tonight as I have given up watching the news and TV in general, it is too depressing. I only hope that when change comes, as it surely must, that it happens in a peaceful and democratic manner. I lived through the years of dictatorship here as a teenager and it wasn´t the best of times.


  1. More of the same I suppose, discontent with his handling of Covid, cover ups etc.

    1. I guess you´re right Rachel. I believe there is an old curse "may you live in interesting times" - it will certainly be "interesting" next year when election time comes around.