Saturday, 7 August 2021

Perchance to dream

I have come up with a solution for people who have excessive amounts of money. From Gates to Bezos, Rihanna to Musk, billionaires who can never spend it all even with stunts like flying into space and who can´t leave it all to their children at the risk of ruining their lives - the answer is simple - have a maximum wealth limit for everybody on the planet. Any money they make above a certain limit could be put into a central global fund which would then be used to improve the lives of the less fortunate and care for the planet. The rich could still be well off but not too the point where it becomes obscene.

A totally impossible dream, but wouldn´t it be nice?


  1. It is a nice idea but it would stifle advancement and endeavour and achievement in all areas and be a bad thing. The poor in the world would not gain from the rich being capped in earnings,

    1. I think certain personalities would strive to succeed regardless, it is in their nature. Anyway, it is a totally unrealistic idea.