Monday, 2 August 2021

Cooking rut

I have been printing some recipes off the internet to try and add some variety to my diet. I noticed the other day that I seem to be cooking the same 6 to 8 dishes over and over again. I guess it is part laziness as it is easier to make something you know off by heart! I make all my meals from scratch as I don´t like ready meals and they don´t have the tins and sachets of sauces here that you can get in England. Naturally I batch cook and freeze, as I said, I am lazy and can´t be doing with cooking every of the advantages of living alone...

Vegetarians are not really catered for here, it is catching on but only slowly so it is sometimes hard to find all the ingredients. I´ve noticed that most of what I eat (and enjoy) is pretty hot and spicy. Mostly Indian, Moroccan and Mexican dishes all with an extra dash of cayenne pepper. Thank goodness for the internet, it certainly gives us access to a wide range of things.


  1. My Brazilian masseuse was a great meat eater. She described to me once the different meats they had for their Christmas dinner - it actually sounded even more of a selection than in Britain.

    1. Most people are great meat eaters here which is why being vegetarian hasn´t really caught on.

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