Sunday, 1 March 2009

Hot, hot, hot.

Before I started my four-hour walk on Saturday I took Toby out as usual at eight in the morning. The temperature was already 28C at that time, with blue skies and strong sunshine. Shortly after, I set off and walked to a large park a fair distance away, walked in the park for an hour then headed back home. The sun was really strong and I tried to walk in the shade as much as possible.

I was pleased to note that The Beast didn´t really trouble me too much, and a ten-minute break for a drink of water and some fruit halfway through made quite a difference. But the day got hotter and hotter and by the beginning of the fourth hour I began to struggle, feeling the strain in my legs and my feet started aching. I hadn´t expected this since I´d thought the rucksack would be the problem. By the time I got home at one in the afternoon the temperature had soared to 34C and I was whacked. I had to sit down for five minutes before I could face attempting the eight flights of stairs.

I imagine my legs were aching because of the weight, and I suppose the heat didn´t help, either. After some stretching exercises, a nice cool shower and some food I felt pretty good though, so maybe the training I´m doing helps me to bounce back more quickly. Today I feel fine and could have gone out and done it all again, which is what I suppose you need for the Camino. I only walked about 14km, not much compared to the 20 to 30km I expect to do in Spain, but it is a start and I am quite pleased with myself (also for not getting sunstroke!).


  1. Weather does sound very much the same. We think that if we can do our training walks in this heat and still be ok then we will be fine in Spain!
    Today we are going to do a few hours after might even be raining!But it is certainly going to be hot and humid! and then we get up in the morning and do some hill training (without our packs!)
    enjoying your blog :) Michele

  2. Thanks for your comments, I´m enjoying your blog too. It feels as if we are in the same boat, so to speak. Wish I had your hills, though. Sandra