Saturday, 7 March 2009

Three breaks...

I was going to call this post "And the heat goes on...", but thank goodness overnight we have had a break in the weather. It has been between 33C and 34C all week, very tiring, difficult to sleep and impossible to keep cool. Despite this I did do my two one-hour walks with rucksack, stair climbing and exercises, so I´m feeling pretty virtuous. Today the temperature is 24C, overcast and trying halfheartedly to drizzle - ideal for a walk but unfortunately I´ve too many other things to do. I´m just hoping it will be the same for when I go out for my four hours tomorrow.

Should it rain tomorrow I could test my Altus poncho, which has eventually arrived after much hassle. I tried to buy it over the internet from Spain, but neither my credit card nor Paypal would work from here for some reason, so I asked my daughter-in-law in England to order it, which she kindly did. A friend who went to England was going to bring it back for me, but things got screwed up and it nearly went astray in the post. Luckily my son and family were due out for a visit so eventually I got it delivered personally yesterday, a great relief.

My other lucky break was that I heard today I finally have a night carer for my father, who lives with me. He will be 90 this month, is frail and blind. I have daily help as he can´t be left on his own, but I take over when she leaves at five. Once a year when I go away I need to find someone to sleep in, which isn´t always easy. When I bought my ticket for Spain it was an act of faith since I hadn´t found anyone yet, and I have been quietly chewing my nails ever since, so thank goodness that is sorted.

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