Thursday, 12 March 2009

Turkey wattles

There is a house I pass on my training walks which has a most peculiar plant in the garden. At first I thought it was a tree, but on closer inspection it proved to be some sort of creeper. It is so unusual that I took my camera along today to take some pictures of it. The bud is a large kidney-shaped bladder. When it opens the flower is shaped like a butterfly the size of a dinner plate, with a green fruit attached.
The lady of the house came out while I was messing about, and told me the plant is called "papo de peru" or turkey wattle. It has climbed all over the telegraph pole and is now venturing out along the wires. Most interesting.

I am managing to stick to my training this week and the weather is a little cooler but not much. On Sunday when I did my four hours I decided to catch a bus to Ibirapuera, the large park and do them there, but I had problems getting a bus back afterward and ended up walking nearly five hours altogether, by early afternoon when I got home it was 31C. I won´t try that again, the Sunday service leaves a lot to be desired.

While I was out today I went sprawling in a most undignified fashion. Unfortunately I´m one of those clumsy people who can trip over a pattern in the carpet, so from time to time I take a tumble. This time it was a crack in the pavement and with The Beast on my back I didn´t stand a chance. Thank goodness I got away with just a grazed knee, although I think I´ll be a bit stiff tomorrow. I must try and be more careful, having to give up my Camino because of a broken leg or whatever doesn´t bear thinking about.

Next week I can´t see how I´m going to fit in any training as I shall be at work all week and when I get home in the evening my father´s carer leaves, so I can´t go out again. This weekend also looks a washout since I have social engagements Saturday and Sunday during the day and I don´t see how I can squeeze in a four-hour walk. Ah me... the trials and tribulations of preparing to follow The Way of St James.


  1. Hmmm .. very interesting botanical specimen and with a name like Turkey wattle to boot.

    Reminds me of the country that I want to visit a second time.

    What's your departure date from Spain?

    Take care and best wishes for the rest of your prep work and training for the Camino.


  2. Thanks for your best wishes, L. I shall leave Spain on June 30th, if they let me on the plane. I´ll probably look like nothing on earth by then!
    Hugs to you too.

  3. Wish I could meet up with you in Spain. Been to Portugal but not Spain. Do you plan on grabbing a couple of days' rest between the finish of your Camino and the 30th June?


  4. I´m hoping to have a week or so to spare, in which case I plan to get a cheap return flight to the UK to visit my son. That way I have no pressure from an actual finishing date.
    Would have been nice to meet up. Maybe someday...

  5. If wishes were horses, beggars would fly (sigh). As I said, wish I could meet up with you in Spain but that wasn't possible from the word (no) go :)

    Glad that my guess was right and you are taking a break between the end of your Camino and getting back to S. Am. But I do plan on as long a vacation as I can have in the next few months, depending on personal commitments. Have to start at least deciding where I want to go, even if I don't know the 'when'!!!

  6. Good luck with your planning, I do hope you find somewhere nice. All the best, anyway.