Sunday, 22 March 2009

Back to the grindstone

Well, a full week of no training sucks, but at least the pennies will come in useful! Yesterday I tried something different for my four hour stint. Edna, a friend of mine, is a runner and she offered me a lift to the university where she (amongst hundreds of other athletes) does her training. She very kindly gave up her run to walk with me and show me round. The grounds are very large, full of shady trees and a variety of circuits up to 10km long. Best of all, there is a hill, a fairly long steady climb which is just what I need for my training. I feel I´ve slipped back a few notches as I was quite tired and my feet ached when I eventually got home.

I can get there fairly easily by train, so I think that´s where I´ll be going for the longer walks from now on, especially when they go up to six and eight hours at a time. The only thing you have to watch out for are the packs of helmeted cyclist whizzing past all the time, mere walkers beware!

I´ve been checking my equipment list (again), and virtually all that´s missing now are batteries for my camera. I usually use rechargeable ones but that would involve taking two sets of batteries, charger and plug adapter - more weight and bulk. Alkaline AA batteries, which I have used before now in an emergency, don´t last very long at all in my camera, but I have heard lithium batteries are excellent. Unfortunately they don´t appear to be available here so I will have to wait until I get to Spain, where I´m told you may buy them. I only hope the information is correct, otherwise I shall be stuck.


  1. Camera - worst case scenario, you can pick up a different digital/battery camera in Pamplona (or elsewhere). I bought an inexpensive battery camera at Target so I would not have to tote charger's etc. They have AAA batteries in Spain.

    I am down to less than a month till I head off to Spain!

    Camino-Dreaming In Santa Fe

  2. Thanks for the tip. I hope I don´t need to get another camera, though, I get really good results from mine. Bet you´re excited, I know I am and I´ve got 6 weeks to go!

  3. Yes the lithium batteries last much longer. we are each taking a camera with charger,,so hope that won't be a problem...
    Your last training walk sounded good..something different is always good.
    we seemed to have dropped off a bit in training..just looking forward to going now..11 days..
    have fun
    michele :)

  4. Eleven days and counting, wow! Yes, my last walk was good. I´m going back there this Saturday for my six hour one.
    Apparently you are supposed to tail off your training towards the end, so you´re doing the right thing.
    Buen Camino to both of you.

  5. good luck on your camino
    so jealous
    Ian and Rosie

  6. Thanks Ian and Rosie. Sorry you had so much rain on yours.